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Are you ready to see your world through a new lens? By hosting an international student, you will see your home, community, and yourself differently.

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Make a Difference in your Community. Host an International student

Hosting a teenager from another country can be an enriching family experience. With over twenty countries represented, students come from countries such as Brazil, France, Germany, Korea, Russia, Spain, and are united by their desire to communicate and learn. The hospitality that you offer will provide them with an invaluable gift - the opportunity to experience the American way of life from the family perspective.

Terra Lingua USA students come to the United States to practice their English, make friends, and experience life in America. While they do not expect to be constantly entertained, weekend trips to local attractions, family functions, even running errands can be an enlightening experience for them! As a volunteer host family your role is to welcome your student as a member of your family by providing room and board and loving companionship.

Terra Lingua is comprised of a team of Community Coordinators and National Program Directors who want your hosting experience to be positive and enjoyable. Someone is always ready and willing to provide support throughout the entire stay.

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All Terra Lingua USA students have studied English for a number of years but in order to help them improve, host families are asked to speak to students in English only. Some students will be very fluent while others may have an accent. You should expect your student to improve their English language dramatically once they are immersed in school. We encourage all our students to be active members of their communities. In addition to sports and club activities, students are asked to participate in community service activities and make presentations about their own countries.

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Our student responded very well to everyday life. We got a chance to know Natalia, a wonderful girl, and a friendship and real bond started between her and our daughters.
- Leonard Family